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clocking options: hand-scanners & biometric devices

confirm identity as well as staff attendance

Biometric attendance recording devices such as hand-scanners and fingerprint readers are particularly useful because they provide evidence of the identity of an employee making a clocking as well as the time and date – it is impossible for someone to clock in on somebody else’s behalf. They are simple to use and maintain and staff don’t need to carry a card or fob.

Our biometric attendance recording devices can be mixed and matched with all our timesheet and scheduling management software. If you need help choosing the most appropriate technology for your business, just call a member of our team on 01892 834406.

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hand-scanner terminal

These popular readers identify employees through the minute and complex detail of a fingerprint. Because of this they work best in a clean environment.

We offer two types of fingerprint reader: a fixed-point terminal for locations with full connectivity; and, for areas with little or no technical infrastructure such as building sites, a GPRS (general packet radio service) version that uses a SIM-card to transfer data. Please feel free to contact us if you need any technical advice or support.

fingerprint readers

at a glance…

One of our best-selling biometric clocking devices, this reader recognises an individual by the shape of his or her hand. Employees just scan their hands initially to create a template record, which is then available to use in as many hand-scanning devices as you want. To clock in or out, they simply place a hand on the reader, as before.

Hand-scanning is quick, simple, reliable and suitable for most attendance recording purposes. It is particularly useful for dirtier environments, where fingerprint readers can be less effective. Sites require mains electricity and an Ethernet connection.

a biometric handscanner in use biometric fingerprint reader terminal

This versatile biometric clocking terminal offers a choice of facial or fingerprint recognition – or both.

Easy to use and with advanced verification technology, it can store up to 3,000 face templates and 4,000 fingerprints.

It is ideal for employers who require a high level of security and/or staff attendance monitoring.

face recognition and fingerprint reader