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Providing quality, person-centred care has always been a priority at the Queensbridge residential care home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, where each resident has a minimum of eight care plans. So when the owners decided to computerise the home’s care documentation they looked for a flexible system that would enable them to focus on managing care effectively rather than cutting costs.

They opted for our Care Studio system, which combines the care-Log+ care record management module with a staff scheduling solution – in this case, a biometric hand-scanner that records attendance and links, via easyLog’s rota management application, to payroll and accounts systems. Staff are also using touch-screen tablet PCs to update notes and view care plans and assessments as they move around the home.

care record and attendance management case study

creating a tailored, person-centred system with Care Studio

the project

the results

Queensbridge has taken full advantage of the flexibility of the product by working with us to create its own linked shift note and care plan system, which ensures that even new carers on their first day know how to care for every resident. Staff find the tablet computers quick and easy to use and, because record-keeping is more efficient, have more time to spend with residents. Read the full case study here…

"It used to take around one-and-a-half hours to write up client progress sheets but now staff can handover from the screen, saving huge amounts of time. Yet all the information is there for a CQC inspection and in much more detail than we could ever have had the time to do before."

Carer and resident at the Queensbridge care home, which uses easyLog's care management system

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