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easyLog’s care-Log+ is a complete care home management system – so, as well as comprehensive resident and staff records, the software features a range of functions to aid the smooth running of your care home admin and building.

A health and safety section contains details of equipment and related service records and provides a prompt at a definable period before the next service is due.  You can also access your care home policies and procedures within care-Log+ by a simple linking process using your own network or the Internet.

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A home diary allows you to record, plan and be forewarned of key events affecting the home, such as entertainment, planned maintenance or inspections and so on. And a resident’s room can be reviewed before and after occupation through a room maintenance check that prompts for any remedial work required.

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Policies and procedures can be linked so they can be viewed in care-Log+

For more information about managing your care home admin and buildings with care-Log+, talk to one of the easyLog team on 01892 834406. You can also watch a video on care-Log+.

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