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instant access to personal details, from family to health

With its flexible design and person-centred approach to care record management, care-Log+ gives care home staff easy access from any point in the system to your residents’ information. As you would expect, extensive personal details can be stored. These include multiple relative contacts, their acceptable contact times, power of welfare and finance attorney authorities and an unlimited number of external care providers, such as chiropodists and speech therapists.

MAR sheets can be produced from the full medication records if required. Health readings, ranging from weight (with automatic BMI calculation) and temperature to blood pressure, sugars and oxygenation, can be recorded and graphically represented. Additionally, the body map can be uploaded with photographic images to provide an accurate record of any ailments. An activities diary holds details of all social events and helps care staff to plan group activities or outings, while a definable life story, or social background, document can display unlimited family images and ensures carers can really get to know the person in their care.

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Body Map function showing uploaded image and comments Body Map function shows all current and previous recordings Activities calendar is per resident and includes medical detail Life Story feature holds images and notes relating to the resident's life

For more information about making care home residents’ records more efficiently with care-Log+, talk to one of the easyLog team on 01892 834406. You can also watch a video on care-Log+ and read about our everyday essentials version of this software.

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