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At easyLog, we understand how important it is that software is simple and convenient for all carers to use, which is why we make ours available on a touch-screen tablet PC – and, to make life even easier for care home staff, via the option of a Carer App that runs on a PC desktop.

The Carer App provides an alternative view of the care-Log+ software on a single screen, stripped of all the navigation menu and administration functionality found in the full software package. The Carer App is integrated with the main database, so it presents the same records that are viewed in the full care-Log+ software. It is designed to be used by all care staff, whether they have previous experience of software or not, and provide them with an easy-to-use method of viewing and updating resident records.

introducing our care-Log+ Carer App...

easy-to-use for all staff, no matter how inexperienced  

The key software design principles for the Carer App are simplicity and clarity. On the single screen the carer selects from a dropdown list of residents. An image is then displayed to confirm the correct person has been chosen, together with key information about their health conditions, age, room, date of admission and so on.

The lower half of the screen is split across multiple tabs that allow quick access the main functions and information that a carer requires: full resident and room data, GP details, relative contact information, shift notes, body map, care plans, health and risk assessments and life/social background notes.

The top half of the screen displays key medical indicators – such as weight, temperature, pulse and blood pressure – along with current medication details.

It is simple and intuitive to use, so carers with little or no computer experience will feel confident in entering and viewing resident information in no time at all.

The Carer App and full software application can be run on the same PC at the same time. This means that staff can share a workstation and still use the relevant software package for their own needs at any time.

even staff new to care software will feel confident

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Find out more about our Carer App by watching the demo video.

Carer App version of the resident's details screen Carer App version of an alarms screen