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visit tracking and pay analysis

manage cleaners’ attendance and hourly pay quickly and easily

If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way of recording your cleaning staff’s site visits and handling basic timesheet reporting, you have come to the right place.

easyLog’s cleaning management system enables you to monitor staff attendance electronically and then apply simple rounding rules to calculate the actual hours of attendance to be paid.

Hardware and software is available that can be mixed and matched for any number of cleaners and type of location.

Hardware includes handheld clocking-in devices for use where a small number of staff visit a large number of locations, as well as fixed devices for situations where a larger number of cleaning staff attend fewer locations. These devices can operate with biometric or tag based media depending on the environment. They can be off-line devices or communicate with Ethernet, wireless or GPRS SIM cards depending on what network infrastructure is in place. Some devices can be used with battery rather than mains power.

We also have specialist handheld touch-screen devices featuring NFC clocking technology, which allow cleaners or managers to clock in and out of sites as well as log job statuses and assessments.

These Android-based devices allow users to view data on the move from site to site. Devices are locked down so that workers cannot make calls or randomly browse the internet.

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