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Our fixed SIM-based attendance monitoring devices can be mixed and matched with all our timesheet and scheduling management software. If you need help choosing the most appropriate clocking option for your business, just call a member of our team on 01892 834406.


clocking options: fixed SIM-card based devices

reliable and cost-effective clocking devices for remote sites

This flexible i-Button terminal can be battery or mains powered, making it suitable for all kinds of site, including places without IT communications infrastructure or even electricity. Clocking records can be downloaded automatically or manually on-site, if required, and you can use either a pay monthly or pay-as-you-go SIM. This terminal is exclusive to easyLog.

This simple and inexpensive range of attendance recording terminals is ideal for keeping track of workers who attend a small number of remote locations where there is no Ethernet or wireless connectivity – such as cleaners visiting a large building, supported living providers, building contractors working on site.

These fixed devices all use a SIM card to send clocking data – time, date, location and employee ID – direct to your easyLog software. They can be mains or battery-powered and i-Button or fingerprint activated to suit a wide variety of sites and workers.

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A mains-powered device suitable for a variety of locations and conditions. Requires a contract with a mobile phone network.

A mains-powered device fitted with a biometric fingerprint reader, making it more suitable for clean working environments. Requires a contract with a mobile phone network.

Nohmad i-Button

Nohmad fingerprint

easyLog mutlpurpose i-Button clocking terminal in use Nohmad mains-powered i-Button clocking terminal and key fob

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