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The easyLog care-Logger app, which can be used on Android tablets and smartphones, provides a subset of the full Home Care Studio software so your staff can work on the move.

Supervisors can view and manage rotas, while carers can carry out evaluations and assessments as well as viewing care plans and care tasks associated with client visits. A body map assessment is also included, along with a client Life Story section – a feature that has proved very popular in dementia care.

domiciliary care software and visit recording

software that works with you — wherever you are

This app works both online, when there is an internet connection, and off-line, when there isn’t. It can also be used as a clocking device – click here for more information about tablet and mobile-based clocking options.

To find out more about how our care-Logger app can help your team work more efficiently, call us on 01892 834406.

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online, offline — a versatile go-anywhere tool

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