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staff clocking with NFC and QR codes

Our latest near-field communication and multi-platform QR code apps turn smartphones and tablet computers into cost effective and versatile clocking terminals that can be tailored to your business.

With NFC, staff simply wave a proximity tag close to the device to record attendance. Using software easyLog has developed, they can also be presented with further options – such as organising holiday leave, exchanging messages with their manager, or anything else you require. Read more about the opportunities presented by NFC. Our multi-function QR code app works in much the same way – but employees simply scan a smart barcode using the camera on their device. Find out more about clocking with QR codes on our blog.

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clocking options: mobile phones and tablets

simple to use, accurate and cost-effective attendance recording

mobile phone-based clocking using GPS

Our GPS app uses satellite positioning technology to let you know when workers visit a particular location quickly and accurately.

Employees simply activate the screen icon on their mobile phone for the location, date and time to be recorded on the handset and transferred to your system. If there is no network signal, the stored data will be transferred when the next clocking is made.

Technological developments mean that we are able to offer a range of low-cost attendance recording options for Android-based mobile phones and tablets. A small module of our software – an app – is downloaded onto the device, providing a quick and simple way of recording an employee’s time of attendance and, in most cases, location. The data is automatically transferred to your easyLog software on the main system in real time, ready to be administered by managers.

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clocking by name selection on tablet or phone

Quick and simple to use, our name selection app lets staff send a clocking to your system via the internet – either by picking their name from a drop-down list on a tablet or activating an icon on a mobile phone screen. Employees can also be asked to enter a password, if required.

Mobile and tablet-based attendance recording can be used with all our oftware and comes in three variants – GPS satellite positioning technology; near-field communication (NFC) and QR code; and name selection. If you need help choosing the most appropriate option for your way of working, just give us a call on 01892 834406.

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