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clocking in using a tablet PC with Android OS

staff clocking with QR, NFC tags and geolocation

QR codes – The QR code offers a very flexible and virtually cost-free method of recording staff attendance at multiple sites. Identifying QR codes are generated from free-to-use websites, printed and then placed at the required location. The easyLog app scans the QR code to identify the site, date and time. Nothing could be simpler – or more cost-effective.

NFC tags – With NFC, staff simply move their phone close to a proximity tag to record attendance. The NFC tag can be wall-mounted and placed outside and offers a more robust, vandal-resistant option than QR codes.

Geolocation – Our geolocation app uses GPS satellite positioning and other technologies to let you know quickly and accurately when workers visit a particular location. . It is often used in conjunction with QR codes or NFC tags so clockings can always be made, even if signal strength is poor.

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clocking options: mobile phone and tablet apps

simple, low-cost attendance recording with QR codes and more

easyLog offers a range of low-cost apps that turn Android, Apple and Windows-based smartphones and tablets into convenient and reliable attendance recording devices for staff on the move. Easily downloaded from the online stores, the apps provide a quick and simple way of recording an employee’s attendance time and location. The data is automatically transferred to your easyLog software, ready for viewing and reporting immediately.

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no signal, no excuses!

If there is no network signal, easyLog’s apps still allow employees to record attendance on their phones. The data is simply stored and transferred when the next clocking is made. Our apps also include a number of in-built features, such as automatic location cross referencing, that prevent clocking fraud.

Mobile and tablet-based attendance recording can be used with all our software and comes in four variants – near-field communication (NFC) with QR code or proximity tags; geolocation technology; and in-app ID verification.

an app to suit every way of working

easyLog has a growing range of smartphone and tablet apps, from simple attendance recording to confirming night or similar checks have been performed. Our rota management app allows employees to message their manager, request holiday and accept available shifts, for example. easyLog has worked with many clients to customise its apps to deliver the exact attendance or other staffing information required by each organisation. If you need help choosing the most appropriate attendance recording option or app for your way of working, just give us a call on 01892 834406.

simple ID verification with tablets

Mainly used with tablets, our in-app verification attendance recording option is most suitable for smaller numbers of staff working in a fixed location. Employees simply open the app and either select their name from a drop-down list or enter an individual code.

Name selection can be combined with a PIN or password for additional security. This option can also be supported with photo-recognition using the tablet’s in-built camera.