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Android handheld device recording night visit

The supporting easyLog software produces summary and detailed reports for each carer, location or multiple points within a site, so you have firm evidence of the time and duration of each care visit. Find out more about NFC-Log functionality and reporting options here.

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total confidence that night checks are being done

NFC-Log is an NFC-enabled wireless (or SIM) device that sends the night check data record automatically back to the computer system. It can also be used to record additional details about the visit, including the care given, and to highlight follow-up actions.

full reporting — at the touch of a button

If you are a residential or nursing care provider, proving that overnight checks have taken place will be a major concern. easyLog has an easy-to-use, dependable and inexpensive electronic solution for recording night checks – NFC-Log.

care home management: night checks

simple solutions for monitoring night time care

Click here to find out about our NFC app that allows you to use a tablet computer as both an attendance recording device and a care record management tool.

Android handheld device showing client details during night check

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Android handheld device displaying night check checklist

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