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Near field communication, or NFC, technology greatly extends the possibilities – and reduces the costs – of recording employee attendance and related tasks. We have a wide range of NFC solutions for any organisation wanting to monitor attendance or provide up-to-the-minute information or instructions to their staff.

nfc — extending possibilities and reducing costs

the quick and easy way to monitor and manage staff attendance

Our cost-effective NFC devices can be used in a variety of ways to provide a truly flexible response to your data recording needs.

Operating with a SIM or by wireless connectivity, they can be used as a traditional attendance recording terminal in a single location – but at a fraction of the cost.

Staff register their attendance by waving an NFC tag close to the device to have their timesheet record automatically created in easyLog’s web-based e-Log software module.

web-based instant attendance records

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To find out more about our NFC and QR code apps, call us on 01892 834406 or send us an e-mail.

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helping your staff — and improving efficiency

Alternatively, if you have a few staff visiting many locations on a regular basis – such as night checks in a care home, hotel or security environment, engineers on maintenance calls, cleaners attending client locations – employees can carry an NFC handheld device to record their attendance when they arrive and leave. A low-cost NFC tag is placed in each location and the unit is held close to it to record the date, time, employee and site and send this information on-line to the central database.

Of course, if your staff have mobile phones with NFC readers then they can use these to record their attendance wherever a NFC tag is located.

…or why not try our QR code clocking app?

We now offer the option of recording employee attendance via a mobile phone and QR, or quick response, code. Our multi-function QR app works in much the same way as the NFC app – but staff scan a smart barcode using the camera on their phone. Read more about how staff clocking with a QR code works here.