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Hardware maintenance

easyLog operates its hardware maintenance contracts on a swap out basis with a new terminal being sent to site on identification of a faulty unit. This will be delivered by 10am on the next working day provided easyLog is contacted before 12 noon. All easyLog hardware is shipped with a minimum of a one year return-to-factory warranty.

The company is also able to provide a remote diagnostics service via a dial-up link to the client site. This facility is particularly useful in aiding the swift diagnosis and correction of any problems.

The easyLog Support Desk operates from 9am to 5.30pm (UK time) during normal working days.

The easyLog Support Team has full access to the development staff responsible for the individual product. All customer support calls are logged in a database and reviewed on a regular basis so that any outstanding actions or requests for additional information are formalised and documented. Currently, more than 95% of calls are resolved on the same day.

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easyLog defines implementation as proving to the client's satisfaction that the component parts of a working solution have been delivered to site, with all hardware and required cabling installed. From this stage, client training can begin.


easyLog's professional training staff have a thorough knowledge of both the relevant easyLog product and any interface requirements of the individual client site. The trainer's experience of a wide variety of customer sites ensures that practical understanding can be passed easily to client staff, with all training tailored to the exact needs and IT skills of the end user.

Software support

easyLog's software support includes telephone support during normal working hours through a dedicated 0845 local call-rate number. Additional support outside these hours can be provided subject to availability at extra cost. Clients with a software maintenance contract receive software upgrades to any easyLog-written application as new releases are made available.

easyLog has an enviable track record of providing excellent customer service. The company fully understands the importance of providing thorough and knowledgeable support services to its clients and how these ensure successful implementation and continuing use of its products. easyLog regards its support, maintenance and training services as fundamental elements in ensuring the continued satisfaction of its clients.

We offer the following support services for our products:

Project management

Your easyLog project manager will be your principal point of contact and carry out a large number of duties during the implementation, including project initiation, organising software installation and testing and arranging training visits.