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want to create rotas on the move?

We have rota, clocking and employee management tools designed specifically for mobile devices. With our web browser-based solutions and software options for tablet computers, you can create and manage electronic rotas wherever and whenever you want.

For further info or to arrange a demo of our rota software, just call us on 01892 834406. You can find out more about our staff scheduling and time management products from the links on the right.

Our staff scheduling software is a fast, reliable and easy-to-use solution for creating and managing your staff rota – however complicated your employees’ work patterns are.

Any regular shifts, rotational work patterns or agreed contracted hours are automatically placed onto the rota – then the e-Log+S software fills in the gaps. It highlights periods of under- and over-cover for each job function by making automatic comparisons against defined staffing needs and showing employees who are available to work. Staff can be placed on the roster for a standard shift, modified standard shift or manually-entered period by using the mouse to draw their hours on a weekly grid.

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