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Staff scheduling

An introduction to our staff scheduling software.

Staff scheduling

Ensuring you have the correct number of staff on any day.

Staff scheduling

Using our software to identify patterns of absenteeism.

Staff pay analysis

Automated pay analysis for multiple pay rates and job functions.

Browser-based software

e-Log+Sb web browser-based rota management software overview.

Browser-based software

Attendance alerts in the e-Log+Sb browser-based rota software.

Browser-based software

Authorising pay and uploading to Sage with e-Log+Sb rota software.

Timesheet management

Timesheet management made easy for any organisation.

Flexishift functionality

Managing the rota and authorising pay when employees work flexible shifts.

Attendance apps

Two apps for recording staff attendance on a tablet PC.

Attendance apps

Managing visitor and staff attendance with one simple solution.

Client invoicing

Using our software to invoice clients directly from the staff rota.

Supported living

Overview of Home Care Studio for supported living and domiciliary care providers.

Dementia care

See how to use our Dementia Care Mapping tool on a tablet PC.

Care plans

Accessing medical records, reviews, assessments and more with care-Log+.

Care plans

Structuring different types of person-centred care plans in care-Log+.

Care on a tablet

View and record care info easily on a tablet PC with our Care Logger software.

Carer App

Our Carer App makes updating care records even easier for carers.

Care home records

How prompts help ensure care and other documents are kept up to date.

Care home records

How review prompts in care-Log+ mean no aspect of care is overlooked.