Need a speedy way to clock-in sub-contractors? You’ve got it.

Keeping track of the working hours of regular employees is usually pretty straightforward – it’s just a question of choosing the right easyLog attendance app to suit your team and requirements and downloading it. Simple. But when you are dealing with sub-contractors and other short-term or irregular workers, the situation is a bit more fluid.

In the construction industry especially, the personnel attending sites can change regularly and there may be a steady stream of new workers and visitors to keep track of. But going through the process of pre-registering them all on the company’s employee attendance recording system is not really practical. So easyLog has developed an ingenious workaround: the employee and sub-contractor attendance recording solution, or eLogESCAR.

Fast and reliable clocking with no pre-registering required

This simple attendance monitoring option requires just a smartphone and a free-to- download QR code. To clock in, users simply scan the QR code with their phone to open a web page and then fill in their name and company details when prompted.

The software confirms the attendance location using geolocation technology and holds their details so they can simply scan the QR code to call up the web page and press the clock out button when they leave.

Accurate timesheets and invoices backed-up by geolocation data

Because the software automatically identifies the location the person is attending, site managers can easily see who is on-site at any time. It’s quick, simple and reliable – and, best of all, no pre-registration is required.

  • Ideal for sub-contractors, temporary workers and visitors
  • Attendance locations are confirmed by geolocation technology for accurate timesheets
  • Reporting by time and by hourly cost and by individual and sub-contractor company, helping you reconcile invoices with actual attendance
  • Managers can easily see who is on-site at any time
  • The software can be used to check attendance in the event of an evacuation
  • Further check boxes can be added to the attendance screen if required, for example to confirm skills and plant operation certification or that health and safety guidelines have been read

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