Now staff can clock in with a smartphone and a QR code

Clocking in (and out) with a smartphone just got as easy as scanning a tin of beans at the supermarket with the addition of a QR code option in our multi-platform employee clocking app.

QR, or quick response, codes are the 21st century version of the barcode. Developed for their readability and superior data storage capacity, they comprise a number of square black dots arranged on a white background across a square grid. The QR code image is easy to produce and can be placed on a sticker or in a folder, for example, so it can be used in a wide variety of locations.

QR codes can now be read and interpreted via smartphones simply by pointing the phone’s camera at the image. The location data read is then sent back to the host with timestamp and phone id, making QR codes an extremely versatile alternative or addition to the other location services provided on our clocking app.

Like the other staff clocking options on the app, clocking via QR code has been tested on Android, iOS and Windows phones.


We are Jack Moody Group, we are looking at implementing a new time and attendance system. We operate over a number of sites throughout the UK and within the sites a number of processes and operations and a need for time sheet management etc

I am looking for a simple solution which can work with our existing accounts and payroll package Evolution M by integrity software for time and attendance monitoring and time sheet production


Hi Rob.

Someone will get back to you asap to discuss your enquiry. Many thanks.

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